10 January 2018

Where did 2017 go?

Arrrgggh it's 2018 already?! Life is going a million miles a minute. Well it's probably good practice to have a bit of a recap of the year gone by.

So yeah, I've been pretty slack at updating my blog throughout 2017, but generally it was a pretty damn good year. Of course there was the Shambala art experience, which was amazing and something I've already written about. And then there's my crochet career...

I've actually had quite a lot of patterns published in the latter half of the year. When we entered 2017 I knew that I was going to have to (and very much wanted to) change career. I took a bit of a leap from doing a full-time admin job and now design patterns part-time as well as doing bits of other freelance work!

The bulk of my patterns have been published through Simply Crochet Magazine (more about them to follow). You can download/purchase most of the following patterns from my Ravelry Designer Page here!

One of the designs that was a real milestone for me was when the editor (Sara) commissioned me to make these Gladiator sandals. Obviously this was something that was a little out of my comfort zone, but I gave it a good go, possibly even making it harder for myself by making an intricate design, and came away with a feeling of "yeah, I can do this!"

Gladiator Sandals from Simply Crochet issue 58 
Going on from that, I've been commissioned to make various other patterns for the magazine, pushing my crochet skills and creativity while trying to stick to the design briefs.

OMG purse from Simply Crochet issue 61

Cherry Blossom Wall Art tree from Simply Crochet issue 60

Pop Art Braces from Simply Crochet issue 61
I also have had the chance to propose some of my own ideas and designs, and this one for my eye shawl is perhaps the project that I'm most proud of to date. It takes a lot of preparation and patience, but I think the end result is a really unique piece of crochet.

Catch Your Eye Shawl from Simply Crochet issue 61
And recently I've had a few more published in other areas too. I designed this cute puppy mug hug for Love Crochet (the sister magazine of Simply Crochet). Available to buy here.

Beagle Mug Hug from Love Crochet issue 56
And Mollie Makes reprinted my first ever published pattern in the new Mollie Makes Crochet collection, which is available to buy here.

Optical Illusion Necklace from Mollie Makes Crochet
So yeah, pretty busy with the patterns. But there have also been some more big changes in my life. When my old job was coming to an end, me and my wife decided to move into a bigger house where we're a lot happier. It would have been pretty tricky to pay the rent on just some freelance pattern design alone, but fortunately for me I got offered a very different job to do in conjunction with my freelance work, where I get to hang out with these lovely ladies...

Simply Crochet team - Christmas 2017
The astute among you may already have noticed this, but I now work in-house for Simply Crochet Magazine! I made it through the probationary period and am now their part-time digital editor. It's a completely different world from what I was doing before, and it's great to finally be in an environment that suits me and my interests. I'm not going to pretend it's always easy, we have to work very hard to get everything out on time and we're an incredibly small team. But my editors and colleagues have been great at encouraging me and pushing me to maybe come out of my shell and have a bit more confidence in myself. Also, being surrounded by yarn and actually getting to crochet and call it 'work' is an amazing feeling! (I feel that maybe I have to say that all past and future opinions and statements on this blog are my own and not representative of Simply Crochet, Immediate Media or any other affiliated companies - just so I don't get in trouble innit!).

So yeah, crochet has officially become my life! On a personal level, the year's not been without it's difficulties and I'm still struggling with a shoulder injury that sometimes hampers my crochet abilities, but overall 2017 was a change for the better. I don't know what 2018 will bring, all I know is I'm going to try my best to have fun and enjoy it! Peace out y'all

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