08 July 2016

sunshine and shell stitches

Ahoy hoy. I finally finished one of those side projects that I started back in May, and figured you might like to see it. This summers weather may be a bit all over the place, but I'm trying to brighten up the day with this sunshine shell stitch cardigan.
I started this cardigan when we went on holiday, and I've just kinda been making it up and working on it when I have a little spare time (not a lot of that at the moment). It's made with 'Stylecraft Special dk', and the 'special' bit does give it that little extra softness so it's not itchy to wear but also feels strong and hardy.
It's made entirely from 5tr shell stitches (and all the increases and decreases are incorporated within shells), and it gives it a surprisingly nice texture. This shade of 'sunshine' yellow seems to have been very fashionable recently....for women, I've not been able to find anything in this colour for men, so I figured I'd make something for myself.
I added some black buttons to give it a bit of contrast, but I rarely button up cardigans anyway so they're there for mostly aesthetic reasons (plus it's a little tight when done up).
I have done my usual thing, of writing notes with the intention that one day it can become a pattern, but it'll take a bit of work. Although I was happy with the way I worked out increases and decreases with shells, I made a few errors with sizing, but overall it fits me fine.
I've also been undergoing physiotherapy whilst making this cardigan as I've had a trapped nerve in my crochet arm (also doesn't help that I'm as weak as a kitten), but this has actually been quite a relaxing project. Sometimes I think the best crochet projects are the ones that are very repetitive and allow you to almost enter a meditative state.

But you'll be glad to know the therapy is really helping and I've got some hardcore crochet projects to get started on soon. Until then, peace out x


  1. Brilliant! My husband is always cursing the choice of colours for men's clothes...what is that all about? Hmmm blue or grey, blue or grey! I am in the process of teaching him to crochet so will email this post to him!

  2. Wow! That certainly brightened my day! It is a beautiful texture & it looks cool on you-menswear can be a bit boring.