02 June 2016

Art car bootique - Chapter - Cardiff

Hey hey hey. I've been out and about again, this time in my own city of Cardiff. There's a very well known gallery and art space called Chapter in the city, and they were holding an event called the art car bootique. I've managed to miss it last year but decided we'd make the effort, cross the city to 'the other side of the river', and see what it was all about.

There was also the last day of a beer festival going on at chapter, so the first thing we did was grab a nice pint, then out to the back to see what was going on.

The place was full of people but everyone seemed it good spirits. There was plenty of food, music, craft stalls and general arty shenanigans going on. What was really nice is that there was lots of local makers and creative types, and the whole place had very much a village fete/carnival feel to it. There was even some crochet to be seen, so I figured I better show you that!

My first fellow Cardiff crocheter is Becci Holmes, otherwise known as In Rainbows. I love this orange segment necklace.

Becci's really going for the cute amigurmi look, and seems to be doing well at it. As well as lots of little items such as jewellery or 'car buddies', she also does larger items like these playful crochet taxidermy heads - I'm lovin that bee!

My second fellow Cardiff crocheter is Elen Angharad. Elen had a stall selling these crocheted plant pot covers, which although simple are very effective.

I had a really nice chat with her (gotta love it when I first meet people and they excitedly say 'you're the crochet man!'), and checking her website she's obviously one to watch, she even has a knitted tie tutorial in this months Mollie Makes.

And finally, it's not crochet and I have featured her before, but I just love the work of Stephanie Duckett Ceramics so much that I had to feature her again.

I first came across Stephanie at the outlaw craft fair in bristol where I bought one of her necklaces. There's something about the minimalism of her work which allows the materials to become the main feature, and that really appeals to me.

I spotted she even had a little bargain box on her stall and couldn't resist buying this little bunny necklace for myself.

So yeah they're my main three makers of the event. As I mentioned there was quite a lot of food stalls (I had some excellent pizza), and the 'car bootique' part was there as well in that there was a lot of vintage clothes stalls. Not much of that appealed to me, then right at the last minute, this blanket caught my eye.

Super colourful, full of patterns, really big, and only a fiver - go on then. Plus if you turn it over....

....you get a completely different effect. Right up my street! So overall we had a great day out, it was ridiculously hot out that day, and there was a certain Mr Izzard due to do a talk which we did want to stick around for, but heat and midday drinking aren't always the best of friends, so we headed home early for an afternoon nap.

until next time, mine's a pint and peace out! x

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