02 May 2016

yarn travels: Wonderwool 2016

Alright y'all, so it's not like I need any more yarn, but when last weekend came around, I figured a day out was a day out - that's right, elbows at dawn, its time for the Wonderwool 2016 roundup!!

So we set off relatively early, getting there around 11am....and already it was packed with people! I'm not sure I was in the best mood for it really, me and crowds don't always go well together, and this year seemed particularly busy - but I wasn't gonna let that stop me from getting my hands on some woolly bargains.

I put into play my usual tactic of walk around everything once - don't buy anything, walk around twice - buy maybe one or two things, then walk around a final time and get what you want. There was one stall in particular that caught my interest, mostly because of their back story.

A stall/company called linladan was selling vintage flax thread in loads of different colours and lengths. I was already interested enough when the lady at the stall explained that it had all came from a Swedish factory that closed down, and the thread was stored in a haberdashers store room for years until they bought it all. I got two spools of the stuff at a reasonable price (2 for a tenner) - I'm thinking it might be good for some looming.

In continuation with recent years there was a pretty big crochet and knitting installation in Hall 3. This year it was 'Above and Below the Sea' by Alison Murray.

The installation was a tunnel-like structure with the outside consisting of beach elements and the inside being under the water. There was some very clever usage of black lights inside which gave a glowing effect to many of the pieces like this coral.

There were so many individual pieces that made up this work, you look at it and can only imagine the time it must take to create it all.

I think my favourite part of the installation was this funky pink octopus (but there were a few killer killer whales too)

So this is quite a simplified post about the event. It was kinda the same as most years (not that that's a bad thing), lots of regular stall holders, a few new things, and some really good food stalls (I had some awesome Greek food and of course fitted in an obligatory scotch egg). We only stayed for a couple of hours, and I was quite restrained - here's my haul.

So yeah it was a pretty good one this year - especially if you ignore the Sat Nav sending me some weird way home which resulted in me driving through the welsh middle of nowhere. Anyway -

What else has been going on?

Well - I finally finished sewing the majority of my crochet art pieces together, I've gotta get them framed and start looking into galleries and places to display them - but hopefully I can unveil them to you in the summer (although that's creeping up fast).

I also have another column in this months Simply Crochet (Issue 44). This one is about colour and how I approach it, and it was a real pleasure to write. Issue 44 is actually the main issue we were working on back when I was at their office so there's a lot of little bits that are extra pleasing for me as I helped work on them.

And finally...

Yes I am quite aware that I have been neglecting my blog more than usual. It does feel like I never have enough content and that I don't update enough. I've not lost interest - I'm just not feeling on top of my game at the moment. So I'm gonna take a little bit of a break - nothing too long (probably no longer that I would normally leave it between posts), but long enough for me to get some things sorted/work on some ideas and posts/finish a few projects/have a holiday.

Until then, peace out and treat each other right.

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  1. I think you were pretty restrained with your purchases... events like that can be a slippery slope into an overdraft! ;-)