13 February 2016

february already?

Oh this is terrible, it's a new year and I haven't updated my blog, better do something about that! Ok well firstly, I'll skip out the usual excuse that I'm busy working on my crochet art. I'm starting to feel like the end is in sight with it, but feel like it's stifling my blogging, as I don't really want to show off the collection until it's all completed. But just as a teaser my new blog header contains a little bit of a recent piece (yeah I keep being fickle and changing the blog design).

Anyway, other than that, I have been doing a few other things. You may have noticed that I'm back in this months Simply Crochet magazine (issue 41) with another column.

Those that have been following me for a while might remember I've written a few guest columns for them before, so after a long absence I was delighted when they asked me to come back and write about my crochet projects from 2015. As usual, it's a cracking magazine, and this months issue also has a large interview/feature on the Craftivist Collective - always nice to be featured among such good company.

But what have I been crocheting? Well like I say mostly my big art pieces, but as it's now properly entered that time of year that I despise - winter, inevitably it was time to make another hat.

As you'd expect from me, it's suitably psychedelic. It's one of those slouchy type of beanies that I just kinda freestyled, but the soft variegated yarn that I found at the back of my wool stash made for some really interesting colour changes.

It's just something small and quick I knocked up, but I figured I better show you something. Anyway, I've gotta get back to the crochet, but don't worry, I've got some plans and possibilities I'm looking into, so I'll try to write again soon with something more substantial.

Until then, peace out

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  1. January seems to get swallowed up somehow! Glad to hear you are busy. Loving the hat!!