15 September 2015

yarn travels: Bristol Wool Fair 2015

Hey hey hey. So this weekend I popped over the bridge to good ol' Brizzle to check out this years wool fair.

This year the fair had moved to a new location at Washingpool farm, meaning all the stalls/displays were indoors (last year they were in massive tents). Although there are a lot of benefits to this change of venue, such as more space and more protection from the weather, if I'm honest I did think it lost a bit of the charm it had previously - but hey that's just my opinion, it was still chock full of woolly goodness.

As you all know I love to see the various work that is often on display at these sort of fairs....as well as buying wool of course. These crochet hoops instantly grabbed my attention. I'm not 100% sure who made them but I suspect it was probably Vicky from the paper village in Bristol, as she was doing loads there this weekend.

Another thing that caught my eye was the lace work by Uli Baysie. It really impressed me because I got to see her working on an item before looking at her collection, seeing how fine the threads she was using blew me away - I would just end up in a massive knot if I tried something that intricate.

But perhaps my favourite thing at the fair were these baskets sold on a stall by injabulo. They were pretty much the first thing at the fair that made me think - "I will not leave here without buying one of those".

These baskets are made from telephone wires by weavers in South Africa. The colour combinations were all amazing and I just had to have one.

And naturally, no wool fair would be complete without that old stalwart - the alpaca!!! But anyway, onto the wool stalls.

One of the reasons I love going to this sort of event is because you get the opportunity to find those 'special wools' for your stash. Although I personally use a lot of acrylic, I also have a huge amount of special wool that I keep for when I'm making presents. This banana fibre wool was new to me! Initially I just thought it was that sari silk type of wool (which they also sold), but the lady at the la la with love stand took the time to explain to me the process that is used turning banana husks into yarn.

There was pretty much every type of yarn you could want there. I spotted these linen threads that I had bought at previous wool fairs...so bought a few more as you'd expect. Overall I'd say Bristol Wool Fair has done it again, another cracking event this year and long may it continue.

Don't worry, I haven't forgot....time for the obligatory photo's of my haul!

Relatively restrained I think.....well, maybe not, it would have been if this hadn't happened......

.....I BOUGHT A LOOM!!!! I went for the Rigid Heddle loom as it seems a good one for weaving beginners. I had to assemble it myself so haven't started working on it yet, but I'll keep you updated with progress.

Don't worry though, it won't take over from my crochet, I've got far too many projects stored up in my crazy mind.

That's all for now, peace out y'all x

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  1. The hoops WERE made by Vicky Harrison of Paper Village