16 August 2015

woodland camping

Ahoy hoy. So this year I have been camping twice so far. I love camping, sitting around a campfire in the middle of the woods under the stars with a drink and your best mates...what's not to love? But how can crochet improve camping?......Here's how!!!

I actually crocheted this hammock for camping last year (that's right, lazy lazy one man crochet). Rain stopped me from using (and completing) it last year, but this year I decided to finish it and put it to use.

It's actually surprisingly comfortable, and just about perfect for me size-wise. Making a hammock is actually incredibly simple, it's just filet crochet, and if you wanted to you can google it and you'll find loads of advice on how to make one.

As it's filet crochet it doesn't take long to make. I made mine out of common household string, as it's a bit stronger than most wool (and as it's going in the woods and likely to get dirty I wanted to use something cheap).

Some tips to be aware of; You want to make your hammock wider than you think you need, and you want to make sure the supports at the end are strong enough to support your weight. Mine is just about wide enough for me (assuming no sudden movements are made) and the single lengths of 2x4 wood supports me (although I am a little whipper-snapper, doubling up the wood would probably have been a better idea - all that beer and pizza is bound to catch up with me one day).

I mostly used the hammock for relaxing in during the day, and as an extra seat in the evening (although one downside is the swinging can get a bit much by the time you've drank half a bottle of rum). There are some people that camp out all night in hammocks, but I'm not quite that hardcore yet...my back needs a half-descent roll mat to sleep on.

So yeah, if you're off to camp in the woods anytime soon, I'd recommend making one. But this is all making our camping trips sound a bit too civilised, I'd better show you a more realistic interpretation of our trips....me looking hungover with melted marshmallow stuck in my beard and on my clothes.

That's all for now folks......coming up next........it's August.......it's nearly time..........
Shambala is a'calling!!!


  1. what I need to know is what string you used ~ cotton? weight{ish} and what sized hook?
    my bestie is after a hooked hammock and this could be a start!
    marshmallow beard is not a good look btw ;-)

    1. heyhey, sorry for the delay. My memory isn't the best but I believe I used a 6mm hook, and it was just your standard cotton string (the sort that would be used for packaging) - I got 3 balls from a pound shop. Make sure you add more stitches (i.e. non-filet) on all the edges to make it more secure. Hope that helps :)