26 July 2015

other stuff

Hey there. This is one of those 'I am busy crocheting but it's all big projects and taking too long so I better post something to keep people interested' posts. So what's been going on? Well, beading for one.

I've been going a bit necklace crazy recently. I generally just wear single colour t-shirts and garments so necklaces are a good way of adding in a bit of color. I got the inspiration for this one from last months Mollie Makes magazine, and from there just kept going.

I think this one is my favourite, It's simply seed beads hung on metal eye pins, and by connecting the eye pins together I was able to keep the different elements of this necklace separate.

And then there's this one too. This one's a bit simpler, and I tried to bring in a little bit of influence from African beading colourwork.

So what else can I babble on about.......oh yeah, TAPE!!! Remember how in a previous post I talked about how I've started to hoard all sorts of patterned tape, including duck tape?

Well, that's all well and good, but what would you use said tape for? Me personally.....for funking up my car of course!!!

Black wing-mirrors are so last season, how bout some crazy circle and blue leopard skin goodness! And as for the interior....

....it looks like this now! As with most things I do I know that it won't be what a lot of people would do, but I like it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnndddd, finally. Now that I have my cool little car, I can easily take the lovely wife out for the weekend. This weekend we popped down to Slimbridge Wetland Centre in Gloucestershire.

As you'd expect with a wetland centre, there's lots of birds (including this cute little duck). But Slimbridge has got something special (and amazing) going on at the moment.

They currently have a trail of Lego brick animals on display, they're all massive and they're all awesome!!!

I mean seriously, who wouldn't be impressed with a mallard like this. But it gets better.....much better!

There's only a massive bloody OTTER!!!! If you follow my twitter at all then you'll know that I love otters, so this was a massive part of us wanting to go see these Lego sculptures.

Impressed? I was! But if they have a big Lego otter on display....does that mean they have some real otters?.....you bet your ass they do!!!

This lovely family of three lady otters (the mother and two daughters) were great to watch. They're a different species to the ones we have in the wild in the UK (hence why they're up during the day).

They even put on a talk during feeding time which was great. We learnt stuff like - when otters go underwater, more blood pumps through the vessels behind their eyes, which make their eyes protrude a bit allowing them to see better. Don't say I never teach you anything.

So yeah, a great day out....if you like Lego, birds and otters, get yourself there (p.s. they've also got a great gift shop).

Anyway, I promise there will be crochet reaaaaaaaaaaaallll soon, much crochet, crochet that will make your eyes pop out like an otter underwater!!! (follow me on twitter for sneaky peeks of what I'm working on)

until then, peace out x