23 June 2015

yarn travels: Get Knitted - Bristol

S'up y'all. Yeah yeah yeah, I've got enough wool, but like that's gonna stop me. At the weekend I popped over to good ol' Brizzle, and I just had to stop by 'Get Knitted'

I've been meaning to go to this shop for a while. I'd seen their adverts and heard nothing but good things, but the opportunity to get there has never came up before - as it's not exactly in the city centre (but now that I can drive that's no longer an issue). But boy oh boy, as soon as I walked through the door I knew that the trip was worth it!!!

First things first - it's a big ol' shop indeed. This is a really brilliant aspect of this shop. In my time I've been to a lot of wool shops, and most of them are small, quite cramped spaces. But 'Get Knitted' has so much space you can comfortably walk around perusing their items without fear of knocking something over - even if you're a clumsy person like me.

Although they do stock many extra's like fabric, buttons, etc, make no mistake, this is a wool shop - and a very organised wool shop. All the different brands, weights and colours are displayed in an incredibly sensible and organised way - no digging around trying to find another ball of the same dye lot here.

They also had a huge range to cater to pretty much every taste, lots of your luxury expensive wools as well as your more reasonably priced stuff. Of course they also had a good supply of hooks and needles, but also lots of those little things you might need to complete your projects (velcro, clasps, ribbons, etc). Basically if you ask me, this shop is nailing it!!!

I guess one big plus to having lots of space is you can also display lots of work, and 'Get Knitted' doesn't fail in this respect either. There was loads of crochet blankets and other stuff on display (like this Ram with brilliant knitted accessories in the window).

Needless to say, I had to buy some things. I wouldn't say I was restrained, more like sensible. I got a load of neon Stylecraft yarn for various projects I'm working on - and you can never have enough neon.

So, in conclusion - this place is brilliant. If you're in Brizzle, the south-west, or anywhere to be honest, you wanna get yourself here. Anyway, enough from me for now, I've got crochet to be getting on with!!!

peace out

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  1. Looks like a great shop - I wish I still lived in the UK sometimes!! I'm playing bloggy-catch up, so I've just seen your incredible Shambala outfit. How. Bloody. Cool. I recently finished my first neon creation, although it's pretty tame compared to your amazing work!