03 May 2015

Outlaw Craft Fair Bristol

hey hey hey. Well strictly this is more 'craft travels' than my usual 'yarn travels', but hey it's all good! here's my write-up of Outlaw Craft Fair Bristol

I only heard about this event recently but straight away knew it would be the sort of thing I'd love...and I wasn't disappointed. On entering it was nice to see quite so many stalls. The word 'Artisan' is certainly apt at this event, these stallholders are all pro's!

I couldn't help but notice that although every stall was full of quality goods, much of it was along the lines of jewellery and homewares - which isn't a bad thing, I'm on a bit of a jewellery kick at the moment anyway. What I'm trying to say is it's not your regular craft fair where you can pick up some yarn, fabric and those sort of things, it's a bit more specialist (although they did have a supplier zone - albeit a bit small).

The first person to bring outlaw craft fair to my attention was one of my twitter friends and fellow Cardiffian Helen of nellys treasures. It's always great to meet fellow crafty people in person. She had a great stall setup with a wide range of goods, and we had an awesome chat about yarn-bombing, tattoo's and festivals - the girl's got style!

As well as all the stalls (more about that in a min), there was also plenty of workshops and demo's to attend. Most of the workshops I was interested in were already sold out by the time I got there, so I decided to check out the 'Get inky! Printing with Rollers and Stencils' demo by Sophie-Rae of Bristol-based the art troupe. I was actually surprised by quite how inspiring this demo was, although she was very quickly covering techniques, she addressed many points that really got you thinking of how you could achieve different results. I definitely want to give it a go soon - so clearly a good demo, anything that leaves you actually wanting to go out and try something new is clearly a success.

Anyway, onto the stalls and their content. You know I said I was on a bit of a jewellery kick, well I wasn't kidding, I bought loads here!!! Here's some of my faves (as well as my purchases)

The first thing I want to show you is the work of this guy - www.sstutter.co.uk. It's laser cut acrylic jewellery, and I have to say it's some of the best I've ever seen!!!

In particular I think this massive gold lion is absolutely amazing, but it was a little out of my price range (although in my opinion not undeservedly so, quality costs!).

I bought one of his slightly smaller pieces in the end, this awesome geometric fox. Seriously I was so impressed with this guys work!!!

Next is the work of Stephanie Duckett Ceramics. I do love a good bit of ceramics, and these pieces were especially nice. She also had some really unique hanging plant holders, but the necklaces were what I was really after.

I went for this simple orange envelope style necklace in the end, and even though it's ceramics (which you may think might feel odd when worn as jewellery), it's actually the perfect weight and size.

Next is the work of Rhea Clements. This lady is absolutely nailing this style of ringed jewellery (much like that tutorial I wrote recently). All her pieces are so perfectly and neatly done. It was very interesting seeing how she had her own style to this approach, and has some wonderful pieces where the rings are only half covered. For me though I just had to purchase one of these off her -

It's a little light bulb shaped glass pendant with some embroidery thread inside, a perfect little 'break in case of craft emergency' piece - but of course I could never break something so awesome!

These cat badges were the work of ladybirdlikes....and you all know how much I love cats. Now I gotta fess up here, I did make a purchase and I think it was from the same stall - but I'm not 100% sure, so apologies to the makers if I've got it wrong, but I think these little pieces of awesomeness were a part of her stall too -

Little ceramic animal necklaces!!! And there was practically a whole zoo of them too! I was very torn between which one to pick, the pig? the lion? the unicorn? the t-rex?

In the end I went for this little bunny (mostly cos it reminded me of the rabbit episode of 'Father Ted' so when that popped into my head I just had to buy it).

Nearly done now. Finally I want to show you some pieces I got from baku forest studios. Firstly I got this cool little badge which is actually an old coin that she's somehow added this cool geometric front to (don't ask me how)

And I also got this clear x-ray necklace of a cat (the little mouse in it's stomach was what sold it to me)

So all in all, a pretty excellent day out! Needless to say I won't need to buy any jewellery for a while. Although you've obviously missed this Bristol event now, the Outlaw shows can be found in a range of locations across the south-west and Cornwall, so if you want to tke a trip to the next one you can find out more about their next events here

That's all for now, peace out peeps!

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