26 April 2015

yarn travels: wonderwool 2015

Wonderwool has come and gone again, and despite the fact that I have more wool than some sort of wool collecting woolly thing, I couldn't resist heading to the ol' showground to add to my stash!

It's the third year that I've attended, so a lot of the stalls I had already seen in previous years (not that that's a complaint - it's all quality). So with that in mind I figured I'd show you more of the arty side of the show. There's normally at least one piece of large scale work on show, and this year was no different with this massive knitted gingerbread house.

This mammoth amount of work was done by Alison Murray (and her helpers). I thought that this piece worked particularly well as there were so many objects and little touches that made the whole thing come together.

The house was covered inside and out with various cakes and sweets (as you'd expect of a gingerbread house), but they really added a good punch of colour. This year we were treated to not one but two huge knitted artworks, the second being this 'cardigan for Cardigan'.

Knitted by the people of Cardigan, as well as by visitors to this Welsh town, this cardigan was huge. Again it's the small details that can make a piece like this. I personally like the happy little man waving from his tractor, and the lovely wife found the mermaid pretty funny.

But as well as the large works that catch your eye, there are also some smaller stalls displaying work by various groups and guilds. The bright colours being used by the 'Carmarthen School of Art' students work drew me in.

In general I always enjoy Wonderwool, because as well as all the wool and shopping there's always plenty of things to see as well as buy. There was the usual mass of looms and spinning wheels being demonstrated. And of course there's always the animals to see too - the sheep, the angora rabbits, and those naughty naughty alpaca's!!!

And now we get to the point where I show you my haul. I didn't go mad this year, I tried to only get things that will be practical for projects I have in mind...even if that is a lot of projects. I got some bargain multi-coloured hanks, a few little small hanks off the fivemoons peeps, and a pack of 'tropical heat' colour scheme wool from those brilliant guys at www.easyknits.co.uk.

I also got a few extra bits and bobs. The handmade beads (as well as the pot) were from a stall selling African wares. The beads are made from recycled materials (in this case a poster), and are from a non-profit organisation that supports women in Botswana and South Africa that care for orphaned children (you can find out more at www.mothersforall.com). I also got some new knitpro stitch markers and some plastic rings (for more jewellery making). Finally I also got this necklace (bottom right), which is a silver crochet hook made by my friend Becca aka Alterknitive (who I met at the knitting and stitching show). She had set up a really nice stall selling her shawl pins and jewellery and it was really nice to catch up (if you would like to see more of her work check out her Etsy shop here.

So that's my Wonderwool 2015 round up. Lots of wool and lots of fun..........oh and of course the handmade scotch eggs people were there again, so I'll leave you with a pic of me cramming some eggy meaty goodness into my mouth!

peace out y'all


  1. I've got some similar paper beads, love recycled stuff. I find Africa really inspiring, there's such an amazing range of decorative art across the continent, from textiles to metalwork. Right now I'm looking at an amazing Kenyan mask we have on the wall which is made from painted sacking on a wooden frame.There's some incredible stuff made in Ghana. Just within Nigeria you also have some really distinct styles. It doesn't surprise me that artists and designers in Europe found them so exciting.

  2. Looks fantastic. That cardigan is amazing!

  3. nice to discover from Hand Spinning News that you also posted something about Wonderwool

    you might like to see my photos


    please feel free to send me a picture for my 'gallery of your work'