03 April 2015

crochet necklace tutorial & other stuff

Hey there world, I'll start of with the usual....been a while hasn't it? Much like my last post, no I haven't given up crocheting and crafting, I've just had a lot of very difficult personal stuff going on...things have been incredibly tough but I'm throwing myself into my crochet and trying to keep myself busy.

Anyway, enough of that - I guess you wanna see what I've been up to. Well I'm still working on my collection of huge crochet artworks. They're taking a long time but it's going well. I'm hoping to have them completed and ready to show in galleries by summer, I just need to get my head down and finish them off (as well as doing a ton of sewing/assembly which I've just been putting off). I don't wanna give too much away while they're still work in progress, so I'll just let you see this cryptic photo of my big stack of colourful crochet.

Part of the problem with my progress on this project is that I keep getting distracted. I keep starting new projects and not finishing others. I realised the other day I have 5 projects on the go at the moment - which I'm not happy about as it just makes me feel like I'm not getting anywhere. I have been trying to make some smaller things recently just so I can actually finish them and feel like I've achieved something.

I recently got a new phone (well I say new, what I actually mean is my friend got a new phone and gave me his old one - I'm far too tight to spend money on such things!). So of course this meant I got to make a new phone cover/cosy for it. I made it with a 2.5mm hook and some 'My First Regia' sock yarn, so the stitches are nice and tight.

I've also gone on a bit of a jewellery kick at the moment too. I've got a fair bit of jewellery making bit's and bob's but I rarely get around to actually making anything with it. After all, there's always some crochet that takes precedent.

But the other day I randomly decided it was time to make some necklaces. This first one I made was very simple, it's just some chain and a plastic set square/right angle ruler. And where did I get such a thing...out of a christmas cracker, I've been holding onto 3 of these bad boys since xmas with the intention of turning them into jewellery.

You have to be a bit careful making this sort of thing, the first two ended up with breakages as I drilled the holes which the chain attaches to a bit too close to the edges, meaning the plastic split. As well as being a cool little accessory, it also means you've always got a ruler to hand and can measure 90 degree angles....you know, like you do on a daily basis!

That's great and all, but it's not crochet! Well, maybe you'll like the second necklace I made.

This necklace again was very easy to make. So easy in fact, I figured maybe you'd like a short tutorial on how to make one for yourself. Not convinced? Maybe a close-up will help persuade you.

This really is very simple, you just need a bit of time and patience. It's basically one long loop that you wrap around three times so that it appears that there's multiple chains. Don't moan at me if it's not a great tutorial, I made it on the fly and am just writing this from memory, All stitches are in UK TERMINOLOGY!!! So first things first, you will need the following:

1.5mm crochet hook
Various colours of embroidery thread.
14 x 16mm plastic bone rings (you can pick them up at good DIY/craft stores)
roughly 42 inches metal jewellery chain (just over a metre)
28 x 5mm metal split rings
metal cutting pliers/snips
needle nose pliers
tape measure/ruler (if your tape measure is in the shape of a cat then you get bonus points)
a sewing needle big enough for sewing in thread ends (I used wool needles)

Step 1: Attach embroidery thread to crochet hook. Insert hook through plastic bone ring and create a slip stitch so thread is attached to the ring. Ch 1, 30dc around ring (putting hook through ring, yarn over, pull back through ring, yarn over, pull through both loops). Ss into 1st dc and fasten off. Sew in ends. Repeat step one until you have 14 rings.

Step 2: Using the metal cutting pliers, cut the jewellery chain into 14 x 3 inch lengths. Using your needle nose pliers, bend/manipulate the metal split rings so that you have an opening that you can attach one end of a 3 inch chain to, as well as threading the split ring through one of the stitches of a crochet ring. Once you have done this use the needle nose pliers to close the split ring back up again.

Step 3: At the opposite end of the chain, again attach a split ring, attach the next crochet ring to this split ring, then close up the split ring.

Repeat steps 2 & 3 until all 14 crochet rings are attached by chains, making sure that the 2 split rings attached to each crochet ring are at opposite ends. To finish necklace continue one last time connecting a chain between the first and last crochet ring.

It's probably sensible to add a clasp in the middle of the final chain to make it easier for you to take on/off, but I couldn't be bothered. If you want to use larger rings, just simply do more dc stitches until you have enough to cover the rings.

There you go, I said it was simple.....maybe shoddy would be a better word for that tutorial. Don't worry though, I have plans to bring you more (and better) patterns soon....I just thought I should at least try and put something out there. That's all for now, peace out!

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  1. Like the necklaces, I used to sell bead jewellery and stuff through stalls in places like Kensington Market and via mail order and always meant to start it up again. The crochet work looks great stacked up. Perhaps you should show some like that? Hope the personal stuff gets less intense.