03 November 2014

it's the OMC y'all

'Sup my crochet crew! It's been a while since I've actually shown any of my crochet (going to events and yarn travels seems to be taking over my life), so here's something small I've knocked up recently.

'Oh maaaan, what's he up to now?'...well I'm just keepin it real!!! But seriously, I thought I'd make some crochet jewellery to help me 'represent'. I've found that at some of the various events I've been attending my social awkwardness can sometimes hold me back a bit, so maybe clearly advertising who I am will help me counter that and encourage people to approach me (rather than just looking like the scary guy standing in the corner).

It's made with embroidery cotton and a tiny tiny hook (0.75mm), stiffened with a PVA solution. But if this isn't your kinda thing, I've got various other projects on the go. Two of them are big projects that are gonna take me a while - especially this one:

Yep, more squares....lots of them. I'm working on another large wall hanging made out of just the first rounds of granny squares. It's kind of my 'travel' project, when I'm on the train or away for the weekend I can just take a ball of wool and hook and churn these out.

That's all for now. Peace out mutha-hookers!!! Boooooooom!!!


  1. Would you like to take part in a Blog Hop as you is so 'Hip'? (It is very simple) I am taking part and have to tag three other bloggers I would love to tag you. No harm in asking eh? I couldn't find another way to get in touch with you. If you want to know more e-mail me inthesky71@aol.com. Ta very muchly. :)

  2. Mr. One Man Cro, you are funny and make me laugh. I got home from teaching a beginer crochet class in my shop - lady said she wasn't coming back not her thing...she paid for her class supplies and left. Felt shitty until i read your post. Can I "say" shitty? Sorry if i offended anyone.