02 November 2014

Big Knitathon Cardiff

Hi all. This Saturday myself and Emma from Lemonade Yarns teamed up to organise the Big Knitathon Cardiff in order to raise funds for the Big Issue Foundation.

I saw an advert in the Big Issue one week asking people to host these events to raise money for the foundation, and knew straight away that this is something I needed to do. I whole-heartedly believe that The Big Issue is an incredibly important and commendable organisation. I've talked to many people about 'The Issue' and it's amazing how little some people know about it, this year is the 23rd anniversary and as part of this they wrote a piece explaining and dispelling the most common myths about the organisation and sellers - if you don't know much about The Big Issue I suggest you give this article a quick peek here. Anyway, more about our knitathon.

We asked knitters and crocheters to come join us at 'Shot in the Dark' on City Road in Cardiff, to come and help us make as many squares as possible. We also encouraged any beginners to come along too and we would teach them how to get started. We had a really fun day and we had various people popping in throughout the day.

So far we've only made a small amount of money from the day, by selling a few little bits and bobs that Emma and myself had made beforehand to sell and from donations....but we anticipated this. We tried to focus our efforts on the day on getting as many squares made as possible (and as you can see we've got a fair few). The plan is that at over the next two weeks we will be sewing these squares together to make scarfs. We will be selling half of these scarfs to raise money, and the other half we will be donating to Big Issue vendors to keep them warn throughout these cold winter months. If you are interested in helping us by buying a scarf, please keep an eye on our twitters (onemancrochet twitter and lemonade yarns twitter) and we will be announcing soon how to buy them.

I want to say a massive thanks to Emma (pictured above) for helping me to organise this event, and obviously a huge thank you to all the lovely ladies that turned up to help us out on the day.

You can still help us, please click here to donate to our cause. Or at very least, buy a Big Issue from a vendor, it's a brilliant magazine and over the years it's got better and better and is a really good read. Don't be afraid to talk to your local vendors too - they're still people, the same as you and me. They're  just in a tough spot, and homelessness and vulnerability is something that can affect people from all walks of life. Thanks for reading and thanks for all your support

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