20 October 2014

Knitted Textile Awards Round-Up @AllyPally

Hi blog-fans

So I'm back from big ol' London town, after showing my work at the 'UKHKA Knitted Textile Awards' at the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace.

I finished making another crochet t-shirt (that I'm wearing in the picture above) to wear especially to the show. I knew the show was gonna be big, but I was still surprised by the scale of it, the place is massive!!! Saying that the Textile Awards stand was in a prime location and my work was being displayed on one of the aisles so plenty of people got to see it.

The awards had (well has....you can see it all again at Harrogate in November) a great mix of work, something to cater for everybody really. I got loads of nice comments and positive feedback, mostly along the lines that everyone loved how colourful my work is. The awards are split into two, graduate and open categories. All of the ladies showing their work (yes I was the only bloke) were all super nice and friendly, and everyone's work really impressed me. Here's a slideshow of the work but you can also find out more about each of the artists over on the UKHKA website.


The winners of the awards aren't announced until the Harrogate show, but either way that's not important, taking part in this show has already proved to be a very fruitful and rewarding experience. Here's me with all the other competitors (not exactly hard to spot am I)

Anyway, more about the whole event. There's so many stall's at the K&S show it's ridiculous. I had to try and be a bit restrained with my spending...but I could easily have spent hundreds in seconds if I'd wanted to. As well as all the shopping opportunities, there was also a massive amount of textile art on display. I decided I would pick one artist that impressed me the most to write about, as you could write a whole book if you wanted to write about them all. It was the embroidery work of Hanny Newton that instantly got my attention. I walked past the stall which had her work on display, and then had to go back to look again. Initially I thought it was just a load of rocks on shelves, then thought to myself, 'no that can't be right'. I went back and she explained to me that they were all made from layers and layers of felt sewn together, with bits of glass and copper weaved in.

So you may be interested in the select few items I bought from the show, well here's the usual pic of my haul:

What you can see there is some woven silk yarn, some beaded yarn, some neon twine, ring and triangle sequins, an airplane button, some jewelled ribbon, some sparkly things to stick on things (I don't really know how to describe them), some yellow cotton (that I got for £1!!!) and some more yarn. I also got this, which is a bit special -

Its a magnetic rabbit, which not only looks cool as hell but is also great for holding onto your needles during sewing projects - which is good for me as I'm always dropping them on the floor and losing them, only to find them when you sit on them at a later date.

So that's my write-up of Ally Pally. I had an amazing time and can't wait for Harrogate

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. Your T shirt looks great and so does your work. I bet it had a load of admirers. What a colourful, eye popping haul you bagged. It made my screen play up a bit!