08 September 2014

yarn travels: bristol wool fair

Its been a busy weekend. I hopped just over the water (well, got the train) to the first 'Bristol Wool Fair'

It was a nice day out for us wool fans. There were four main marquees full of all things woolly, loads to see and of course....loads to buy.

The first thing I came across was 'Gertie the Sheep', a project in which visitors could contribute crochet and knitted flowers. The lovely Vicky Harrison from the paper village craft shop in Bristol was busy assembling it, but made time to have a good ol' chat with me (if you ever get a chance to go to their shop, you should go - its awesome!).

As well as all the wool stalls, there was also a good amount of things to see - this badger being one of my favourites, I love a good badger!! Unfortunately I forgot to grab a card of who made this. They were selling kits which were tempting, but I didn't get on too well with felting last time I tried - a bit too stabby!

This bird (don't ask me what it is - I'm no ornithologist) was some work by textile artist Ruth Packham that was on display, She had quite a lot of work and various birds on show.

Of course a wool fair isn't a wool fair without.....well, wool obviously. There was loads of stalls with loads of different types available. Of course, me being me, I was attracted by all the colourful stuff.

One of the things I love most about these sort of events, is the fact that as you walk around you can see people doing all sorts of crafts. There was loads of looming, felting, spinning, knitting and crocheting going on, and people are always happy to talk to you about their craft if you are interested in learning more.

This stall grabbed my attention, it had loads of wool bowls by ceramic artist Emily Cross. I've seen a lot of wool bowls before but the glazes and finishes to these were particularly gorgeous. If you're unfamiliar with wool bowls, its basically something you can put your ball of wool in, and you put the yarn through the break in the bowl - this means the the ball spins in the bowl and comes out smoothly and doesn't roll about your floor. Of course, by the fact that I'm rambling on about this, you've probably guessed that I bought one.

I really liked this one for the fact that it had had some lace pressed into the glaze, and was (in my opinion) a reasonable price. I couldn't go to a wool fair without buying wool though - more for the ever expanding stash!

So, those were the highlights of my day out at the wool fair. There were a few other things worth mentioning...there was a beer tent serving Butcombe, which is one of my favourite ales (I just had the one, it was only 2 in the afternoon after all). There was also sheep shearing and sheepdog displays, and plenty of workshops going on. I also got recognised and had a lovely conversation with knitting and crochet designer Sara Huntington. All in all a brilliant day out, and lets hope the Bristol Wool Fair continues.

I'll leave you with a picture of some ducks (part of the sheepdog display).....I love ducks too!


  1. gosh that all sounds like a great day: I've been tempted to buy a wool bowl but wonder if you have to actually ball the wool first before using one? maybe we will find out as you use yours!

  2. Hi, I'm fairly new to your blog but I love it! I'm not great at introducing myself, I'm more of a bloggy lurker, but you have given me an opening to comment with this post!

    The bird you weren't sure about looks to me like a gannet - Britain's largest sea bird. What a fab piece of work it is! Absolutely brilliant - thanks for sharing!



  3. hello there, just spotted my badger - I'm Lydia Needle of blackdogandgingercat - thanks for sharing him xxx