30 August 2014

is he ready?...we wonder to ourselves....

....perhaps he's ready? Well another reason I've been quiet recently (well online anyway, I've been shouting my mouth off at my usual rate in real life), is because I'm a very busy boy at the moment. Things kinda went a little bit crazy over the last month and I've got a lot organised, So I figured maybe it was time to let you all know, as you may be interested in attending some of these things.

Firstly, Next weekends all booked up already. On the 5th, 6th and 7th of September I'll be hopping over the water to go to the first Bristol Wool Fair. I'll be there on the Saturday to check it all out and of course I'll write a yarn travels post about it on my return. If you Brizzle people see me there feel free to come and say hello and experience my social awkwardness.

On Sunday 7th, its back on the train, just down the road to the lovely city of Bath. I'm going there because those lovely ladies at The Makery asked me to come and do a talk and Q&A session on blogging and being a crochet artist. I must confess I'm a little bit nervous about doing some public speaking as it's been a while, but I'm sure it'll be ok. At the time of writing this there's only 4 places left to be booked here, so I figured I'd post about it just in case I have any Bath based followers. Again, I'll do a write-up about it and put some pics up.

Well this post is a bit text heavy isn't it, I'll break it up by showing you a photo of one of my current projects, another t-shirt but this time in super crazy coloured yarn. Keep on reading though, there's more to come.

So, Septembers already busy, given that I'll also be going to the The Handmade Fair in the big city of London later in the month, and of course I'll be checking out the wool shops while I'm there too.

But then what about after that? Well here's the big news. I've been shortlisted and am a finalist in the UKHKA Open Category 2014 Knitted Textile Awards. This means I'll be showing my work at The Knitting and Stitching Shows in London & Harrogate. The London show is at Alexandra Palace and runs from the 8th-12th October, and the Harrogate show is at the HIC and runs from the 20th-23rd November.

So yeah, busy busy busy, and there's more (but that will have to wait - can't really talk about that at the moment). Hope this post proves interesting for some of you, and who knows, maybe our paths will cross shortly in the future. That's all for now - I've got some crochet to do!

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