20 July 2014

the amazing Kaffe Fasset

Right, so what you wanna do is....get your ass over to Bath, get on the free shuttle bus to the 'American Museum in Britain', and go see the amazing Kaffe Fassett exhibition!!!

As me and 'the lovely wife' had a few days off work around my birthday, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to go see this exhibition by one of my biggest idols.

The American museum is a grand building on the top of a hill with amazing views over Bath. It has beautiful gardens, very interesting exhibitions about everyday life throughout american history, as well as a stunning collection of Navajo & Native American rugs and blankets. So with all that it's a great place to visit - but we were there for Kaffe, so let's get on with it. There are a lot of pictures so I'll try and whizz through it.

As soon as you enter the grounds, the first thing you will spot is some good ol' yarn-bombing, and who doesn't like a bit of that? But it gets bigger and better...

....They've only gone and covered the whole tree outside the Kaffe exhibition centre!!! This must have taken ages to put up, and I suspect must have involved a crane or cherry picker or something to get them up so high.

It was all so colourful before you'd even entered the building. This was just a snippet of what was under the tree. Anyway, lets get in and see the exhibition.

This was by far my favourite piece of the exhibition. I love his work for his combination of shapes and use of colours - something that is very important in my own work. The fringing on this piece is really the genius to this shawl in my opinion, it takes what is already an amazing piece of knitting and really makes it pop.

The exhibition is full of amazing garments, shawls and sweaters. What is particularly great about this exhibition is the way they have arranged it into sections of colour, making it a really interesting experience.

These button hats instantly got my wife's attention, there were a load of them in a glass cabinet. Such a simple idea, but done so effectively.

Of course there was a lot of quilting as well, as that is a big part of his work. I'm no expert when it comes to sewing, but I challenge anyone not to be impressed with these! They are done so accurately and with such detail.

In fact all of the quilting completely blew my mind! A lot of the pieces like this one kinda mess with your eyes and draw you in - which is exactly what I like to see when going to galleries/exhibitions.

In conclusion, this is a bloody amazing exhibition. It's the sort of exhibition where I think everyone could find something they like, regardless of whether they are interested in crafts or not. There's so much to see and I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone. The exhibition runs until the 2nd of November so you've still got plenty of time. Oh yeah, there was also a wall of quotes from Kaffe taken from his various books throughout the years, so I'll end this post with one of those.....it seemed very apt and put a huge smile on my face.


  1. O WOW!! (yes that's me shouting ;-D) Thank you so much for sharing this - I've just shown this to my husband and we are going to visit there soon! His work is amazing, and has inspired me to start knitting again. I watched his documentary programme called 'Glorious Colour' only last week - have you seen it? You can still watch it on 4OD...warning! There's some dodgy sound quality in parts and some flippin' awful 80's style intro music to get through but apart from that it's choc full of inspiring stuff. I have started a Pinterest board to collect as many pictures of his works as I could (still a work in progress) Here's the link if you're interested in taking a peek:-
    Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Ok so I'm inspired just by the pics! Love, love love that fringing on the shawl in different colours... why didn't I think of doin that... I must do that!