29 June 2014

ooooh big news

Hello readers new and old. It's been a big week for onemancrochet. Some of you may have come to me through this, but my loyal followers may be unaware.....I've had a column printed in this month's Simply Crochet magazine!!!!

They asked me to write about my festival outfits and experiences, and they even used a picture of me making my moody crochet man face, which helps me stand out from all the pretty smiley models. This has been huge for me as it was one of my dreams/goals to get some of my writing published, and all the feedback I've received so far has been fantastic.

I just want to say a massive thanks to the people at Simply Crochet, especially Tanya. Also thanks to you guys and gals who've supported me from the start, your comments and appreciation of my work means the world to me. Also thanks to my family, friends, and of course my lovely wife - who proof reads everything for me and without whom I wouldn't have even started this blog.

Lets hope this is just the start :)


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    1. Congratulations! It is publish or perish and you published. Hmmm better get hold of the issue and read the article then!!

  2. Congratulations! Your article is the only one i've read so far, had a busy weekend but as soon as i spotted it i HAD to stay and read :)

  3. I knew it was only a matter of time before you were talent spotted :-D
    Well done Matthew, and very well deserved too - congratulations!

  4. look forward to seeing you sock it for the boys!
    woop woop :-)
    cartwheels all round