17 February 2014

winter collection

Oh my it's been a while, but it's not my fault! If only the rain would stop for five minutes then I could get outside and take some photos. Well, lucky for you there was a break in the deluge yesterday, so me and my lovely wife went for a walk in the park wearing the winter clothes that I have made.

.....and shock horror, the wife even agreed to pose for the camera - on the condition that she be allowed to wear her funky sunglasses (in her defence it was quite bright out and we would have ended up squinting). So these are our winter-time clothes, here are some more details....

Firstly, the poncho. Ever since I first learnt how to crochet, 'the wife' has wanted me to make her a poncho (it's pretty appalling that it took me so long to actually make one). It's just your basic two-rectangles-sewn-together style poncho, made in chunky wool so it's nice and warm.

As you can see from the close-up shot here, it's made with a variety of stitches and a variety of wool (some of it is even a little bit sparkly). There are popcorn stitches, basket-weave stitches, front post ribbing and bobble stitches and a few others. She doesn't wear it out of the house really, but she does wear it most evenings. I think it really suits her and she looks beautiful in it, but I suppose I am a little bit biased.

Next, on to my outfit. Inspired by my multi-coloured hoody that I made last year, and influenced by the Kaffe Fassett exhibition I went to, I decided to try making my own patterned hoody. It's all made with double crochet stitches so that the stitches are nice and tight, making it a bit warmer for the winter.

Overall I am really happy with it. I did mess up the shoulders a bit, and I think I could have chosen better colours (for my own tastes anyway). But it was mostly an exercise in pattern making and pre-planning, and in those terms I think it was a success.

I used the tapestry method to make the pattern and change colours. It was a little bit complicated, and even with plotting my design on graph paper to know exactly where to change colours, I still managed to make quite a few mistakes. That said, it was really gratifying to see my design gradually take shape with every stitch. I certainly don't think this will be the last time I try something like this.

Next......ooooh fingerless gloves! Oh I do love a good pair of fingerless gloves, and I can't believe this is the first pair I've made. I've made wrist warmers before but never anything like these, and I love them to bits. I adapted a pattern for a normal pair of gloves and made them so they fit perfectly. I also used a yarn that kind of felted as I went along which had left me with a really nice strong fabric.

And finally, my silly hat. As usual, as soon as the weather started getting colder I started making a new hat. I've made plenty of beanie style hats before, and I've made bobble hats, so I decided it was time to make a tassel hat! It is what it is really, there's not a lot more to say about it!

So that's my winter collection! Some of it I actually made around xmas time, so needless to say I am already busy working on various other crochet projects. These will be unveiled as soon as my hand starts feeling better and I can finish them (yep, another crochet-related finger strain injury). Until then, keep it cool world, and stop raining so much dammit!!!!


  1. Fantastic Winter Collection! - I love the fact you designed and created these unique and personal items for you and your wife. Well done you... they look the biz. Really like the poncho - the colours are so nice and it looks lovely on your wife.
    Nothing silly about your hat - I'd say it was quirky, and I think the quirkier the better! At least it doesn't resemble a tea cosy, which is how my last hat turned out. I still wear it, but it's so thick and chunky it can stand up on its own.
    Hope your hand heals quickly from all that Extreme Crochet ;-D

  2. Wow! I really like your hoody and would be happy if my husband agree to wear a similar one!
    Greetings from Germany

  3. I LOVE your hoodies!! You are one of my biggest crochet inspirations <3

  4. i think you both look great, i love your wife's poncho, and your tassel hat!

  5. Wow. Really amazing work, and I love your definition of success! I think your wife's poncho is absolutely stunning, makes me want to reach for a few boxes of mixed-up yarns and a hook...Your wife looks gorgeous in it (and the sunglasses).

  6. i absolutely love your blog and all your posts. All your projects and designs are so original and unique. You are one of my crochet inspirations and i look forward to the day i can design and create my own projects that are personal to me.

    Can't wait to see your latest creations!