23 December 2013

xmas makes

Booooo, Bah Humbug and all that!!! This time of year drives me insane, the pressure, the needless spending, the indecisiveness, the remorse and haze after the work Christmas party. But wait, there is one thing I like about Xmas, getting my craft on!!!

I mean who wouldn't love this little chap? My work did our usual Xmas charity raffle, so I knocked out a few items to donate. I first learnt how to make these cute little snowman from Nicki Trench's 'Super-Cute Crochet' book, and normally end up making one every year, cos I love them so much.

I also made these tiny earrings, using embroidery thread/cord and a tiny tiny hook. It was a bit of a challenge making them this small, and then attaching the chains and earring parts without wrecking them, but I was really happy with how they looked in the end.

And finally, a snowman bobble hat!!! Screw your ironic Christmas jumper, don't you know it's all about ridiculous hats this year? So all the gifts were raffled off and made a great amount of money for a local RSPCA animal centre, and everyone that won my crochet items loved them.

Anyway, I'll let you all get back to your frantic wrapping, the unnecessary stress, and your last minute rush to the shops when you realise you forgot to get someone a present!

Have a good one y'all, and roll on 2014, I've got a feeling next year's gonna be a big one!

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