01 December 2013

crochet 4 life

Sup y'all. Various projects are in the works at the moment, but in the meantime, I've been taking my crochet thing to a whole new level - check it!

Yep, that is what you think it is. Look past my beard (that just seems to be getting bigger and bigger) and you'll see my new crochet tattoo!

I'd been thinking about getting a crochet tattoo for some time, so I eventually got around to drawing up my design and committed to getting it done. You may be wondering why I got two hooks on it. Well, mostly for the sake of symmetry, but also people who don't know the difference will think its just a knitting tattoo - but educated stitchers will recognise that they're crochet hooks. It is quite big and bold, and I know it won't be to everybody's tastes but personally I'm really happy with it. Maybe its not to your kind of thing, or maybe you think its a bit daft....well you might prefer my other tattoo I got last year...

......cos seriously, who doesn't like a bit of bunting!!! Especially around the old ankle. I mean, isn't that the manliest tattoo you've ever seen! Still not convinced? Well what about this....

...it's even got a little bow on the back holding it all together. Come on, you gotta like that! Oh well, it's my body, I'll be as stupid as I want with it. If you're not into this kind of idiocy, don't worry I'll show you some more crochet in my next post.


  1. I love it!! Both! You got exactly the tattoo, in the exact place I was thinking of doing, well similar! I went to Burning Man this year and put crocheted bunting (granny triangles I made) around the top of the hexayurt we built. I'll have to dig up a picture for you!

  2. I love your tattoo's!! wish I was brave enough to get something like this :)

  3. Nice ink, I want a crochet tattoo to go with my others just haven't decided what yet x

  4. I love them! I have been thinking about getting a crochet tattoo for ages. I want a crocheted heart, but I'm not really sure how to draw it up as it's really hard to draw crocheted stitches!