31 August 2013

festival style!

It's that time of year again. It's been and gone, you got covered in glitter, you drank so much alcohol your liver is still quietly sobbing, you saw some of the most amazing original live music from all over the world, and you freaked out a massive amount of people with your weird costumes. I can only be talking abut one thing - last weekend was time for the awesome Shambala festival!!!

So, let's start off gently with what I wore most of the time when I wasn't in a costume!

So what we have here is a chevron necklace that I crocheted up pretty quick, and found some shiny droplet beads at the last minute and sewed them on. And the hat that I'm wearing......well, 'the hat?'.....that will be talked about in a later post (hint hint). I knocked up the super long waistcoat the week before going, here's a closeup photo.

I had some random balls of 'Sirdar Click' wool left over from when I made my hoodie, so rather than sending it to the black hole that is my wool stash, I figured I would just try making something super-quick. It's made from the open fan stitch that I used to create the blue scarf in one of my previous posts.

Anyway, enough of that, on to the costumes......

Arrrggghhhh!!!! Hope that wasn't too much of a shock! This was my crazy outfit for the first night. It was a bit of a random 'I'm going to crochet something weird as hell' sort of project. I kinda started out just creating a basic hat shape and went from there. To say people were a little perturbed and bewildered is probably an understatement! You've either got to have a lot of balls or be very very drunk to wear something like this....I went for the latter - lots of rum is the answer!! So if that was just for the first night, well what the hell did I wear on the Saturday which is actually the official fancy dress day???

Well I dressed up as a psychedelic lollipop man of course!!! And not just me, my two best friends were also wearing the same things. We did the tie-dye and made the signs ourselves, and seeing as we were lollipop men, we also handed out around 75 lollipops. Now there was some kind of thinking behind these costumes (believe it or not). We wanted to do something that meant we could easily interact with other people at the festival, and it worked fantastically. Especially when we did things like this....

....putting our own zebra crossing down on busy pathways! Now some people may think we were just being mischievous and getting in the way, we like to think we were helping people stop and think. REMEMBER PEOPLE - SAFETY FIRST!!! 

So, that was the amazing Shambala festival. Back to reality for now. But who knows what costumes will be made for next year?!?

(Also - big up to Hannah, a lovely lady I met who had already heard of my blog and left me a rather nice note on the last day)