19 July 2013

Big up to the promo peeps

Well, it has been an interesting July so far. As well as it being ridiculously hot and me reaching the big 3-0 (yes, yes, more like oldmancrochet) I've also had my blog mentioned in not one but two magazines!!!

The first being that Crochet Today used the photo of my pom-pom outfit in their 'what we're pinning' section. I was mega excited when I got their email asking to use the photo as anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I absolutely love Crochet Today. The second being Crafty Magazine, where they have mentioned my blog at the end of a feature about another male crochet blogger called 'crochetbloke'. I just wanted to say a massive thanks to both these magazines, and to my readers - you should be buying these magazines cos they're awesome (and I would have said that before all this anyway).

Oh but what if you already know this cos that's how you found my blog? or you're already a follower? Well, it might interest you to also know that I was also recently asked to give a short interview for the brilliant website that is thosewhomake.com. It's the first time I've been properly approached for an interview, and the site is really interesting, I highly recommend you have a good look at it.

Anyway, that's all for now.....on with the crochet, more coming soon!


  1. get you!
    it's good to be recognised for something you love and enjoy:
    nice one :-)

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  3. I am so excited to find your blog. It is actually the first one I have ever bothered to sign into so I could comment. I am currently working on yarnbombing two adult sized trikes for Burning Man and I discovered you through a Pintrest/Tumblr connection. I share your passion for crochet and I am learning to love knitting as well. Thanks for the lighted crochet hook tip! My dream is to some day open up my own yarn shop and I have always intended to do everything I can to make the male of the species feel welcome! Looking forward to seeing all of your adventures!