27 May 2013

freeform patchwork thing

Hi there world, apologies for my recent absence. I've had some personal stuff going on so haven't been blogging much...not that that's much of a change from the norm! Anyway, this blogs not about personal stuff, its about crochet!!! So I better show you some

What's going on here......oh no really???.......surely I didn't............really? Yep, you bet your wool stash I did! After the mammoth task of the last post what better thing to make than another blanket. This one was a little bit more interesting that the last one though.

One of my best friends (yep the charlie chaplin guy from last year - he's a lucky boy) had said about a month before his 30th birthday that he'd like me to make him a blanket after seeing my massive sofa cover. I kept quiet on the subject but got started straight away. After getting a couple of books on freeform crochet for xmas ('Freeform Crochet and Beyond' by Renate Kirkpatrick, and 'The Crochet Workbook' by Sylvia Cosh and James Walters) I'd been itching to try something out for myself. I love the look of freeform work but I wanted to make something that was flat rather than 3D. Using all of my random leftovers and smaller balls of acrylic wool I started making basic shapes, and then freeformed the little bits to connect them all at the end.

Here's a shot of it mid construction. It was actually great fun, even if I did have a last minute rush the night before his birthday sewing in loose ends. I really enjoyed this project, filling in all the bits to connect the shapes was challenging but satisfying at the same time. Sometimes it feels good to push your skills.
Needless to say my friend absolutely loves it, he made a point of showing it to almost everyone at his party and there was much envy. He even told me that the day after (albeit very hungover) that he woke up and spent ages just looking at it and admiring the colours and composition. That meant alot to me, I love the feeling you get when you make something for someone special to you, and you see how much they appreciate it.

So there you go. Much more to come.....honest.


  1. wow very impressive and inspiring, but I think I will stick to traditional just for now, as that is challenging enough for me!!

  2. Absolutely love it! Great job.

  3. This blanket is is absolutely fantastic.

  4. That's really clever, if I tried that it wouldn't lie flat where I'd joined the pieces, well done.

  5. A work of art! I think it is awesome. I have not tried 'freeform' crochet...yet. You have inspired me to try. :)