28 February 2013

many months later

Nearly 3 months into the new year and no new posts - terrible! well I better show something of worth then hadn't I......

I finally finished my massive sofa cover!!!! Seriously this has taken months (I think I started it last summer), by the end it was taking me almost a whole day just to do one round on the bloody thing!! It was one of those put down and forget about it projects, that bit by bit I just kept adding to inbetween projects. I'm glad I did it, and I'm glad I finished it, but I would think long and hard before doing it again, and I'd probably do a patchwork one rather than one continuous piece. I did however learn some important lessons

1. If you think there's something wrong in the first few rounds (like it's somehow got a kink in it even though mathematically its correct) - stop, go back, and fix it - you'll always see it and it'll always do your head in!!!
2. Planning a massive project - maybe don't use a small 3.5mm hook!?!
3. If you pull the muscles in your underarm and your hands and wrists sound like a cement grinder - maybe its time for a break!!!

Anyway, enough of my whining - here's a closeup....

I do absolutely love it though (so does the wife), it makes a nice bold crochet focus in our living room and looks a hell of a lot better that the dirty green sofa that lies beneath. It's also got this....

A nice solid crochet cushion made from that recycled t-shirt/fabric yarn (its called 'hooked zpaghetti'). I made this before I even started the sofa cover! (see just 'cos I don't post very often doesn't mean I'm not making stuff). Its stuffed with bean bag beads so its super solid and is nice to put on the floor to put your feet on.....speaking of feet.......

I also recently made some new slippers for myself. I've made slippers before, but I was really intrigued by the pattern for this (from Mollie Makes magazine) as its simply made from 6 traditional granny squares. I had to do a bit of testing to get the size right, but I was impressed with how easy they were to make. So yeah, sofa cover - check! cushion - check! slippers - check! crochet - check! cup of tea - check!

So there you go, coming up next, more stuff that I made ages ago....probably.....


  1. did the same thing with my first blanket!
    never again, prefer squares although the one I'm making for my Auntie has very small squares: not relishing the sewing part: {it's in the pattern and not my usual joining method}
    but then where would we be without some hooky goodness eh?

  2. Wow, that was a big project! Must feel great to have finished it :)

  3. Awesome granny afghan! Love the slippers too.

  4. amazing blanket!! Just read your post on your trip to Bath! I love Bath and especially love to pop by The Malery Emporium!

  5. Maybe it wont be anything new, but I like it! And I'm glad to found you.

  6. I learned the exact same things when I made an afghan for a friend as a wedding present. Thing #4 I learned: Afghan's don't need to be enormous. :P

    This is the afghan:

  7. I was searching for yarn & fabric shops in Paris via the internet and I came across your blog. I have recently taken up crochet again, and your creation has truly motivated to me to just go for it. Great work!

  8. Hi, just cruising around your blog. A friend posted your little pig pattern on Facebook, I looked at that, and now I'm going to have many evenings of reading checking out all of your other projects!

  9. yo man , t'es trop génial; continue comme ça, t'as des fans en France