31 December 2012

end of the year

It's the last night of 2012, so I thought I'd do a quick update of some things I've been up to in the last month. Firstly, I decided this winter required a new crochet accessory....in the form of this super-chunky ridiculously bright neon pink scarf.

It's surprising how the average person on the street seems unable to handle the concept of a guy with a beard wearing neon pink. The amount of comments and dirty looks it has attracted is unbelievable. It was super quick to make, thanks to using a massive hook and just one ball of 'Patons Fab Big' wool, and it certainly is fab and big!

Next on the creations list is a bit of animal magic. Throughout December we have been doing some charity fundraising for the RSPCA at work, so I knocked up a few crochet critters to go into a raffle as prizes. I made a few small things like a hedgehog and a pig from my previous patterns, but also thought I'd try my hand at creating two new animals from scratch, and this is what I came up with....

He's a super-long sausage dog, and everyone at work wanted to win him. He was pretty easy to make, and even though I didn't write any notes while making him (of course I didn't - this is me we're talking about!), I may try making another and posting a pattern in the new year. The other animal was....

....a cute little cat (with a cute little bell on her collar). Again relatively easy to make, I've seen a few patterns for cats before but never really like the look of the end result, so I figured I'd just make one up and was pretty darn happy with it.

So what will the new year bring? Well there's a few things I still need to blog about from 2012 yet, I just have to get some photos off a friend first. But other than that, there's still a huge work in progress going on (and I mean huge, I've been working on it for so long I'm sick of it already), there's a couple of patterns to be designed and made (currently existing as only scribbles in my ideas book), and possibly a bit of a personal crochet goal to achieve (I'll keep that under my hat for now - just in case I fail). But if there's one thing you can bank on in the new year, its that the crochet will continue, and the wool stash will carry on growing in size...regardless of how many times my wife says I have enough already!!!

Have a fluffy new year and keep on crafting mutha-hookers!!!!!

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  1. Hi there! I've just found you because I was chatting to my doctor about crochet (as you do!) and she mentioned you and your blog and that you also live in Cardiff. Hurrah! A fellow crocheter! I'd love to pop along to one of your socials and introduce myself. When's the next one? Emma x