31 October 2012

yarn travels: bath

I've been a very bad blogger and not been around much, but life's been super busy recently. So busy I haven't even got round to reviewing my recent yarn buying trip to the great city of Bath. So here we go.
Me and the good wife decided around a while ago that we'd go for a day trip out, and it had been years since we last went to Bath. Of course as usual I did my research. Straight out of the train station and just down the street, and we're at our first shop, the appropriately named, 'WOOL'.

I'd seen their adverts in mags like 'Mollie Makes' and others, and was really looking forward to going to this shop.....I wasn't disappointed!!!! What an amazing store! So much yarn, and even better, when I went there was so much yarn on sale (and I'm talking some ridiculously low prices for damn nice yarn).

I got some super-chunky wool (it's massive and it was only about £3), a few bits and bobs of simple coloured yarns (and some with sequins in it - nice!), and also some really pretty louisa harding sari ribbon stuff which I reckon will crochet up pretty nice with something like good ol' solomons knot.

As well as having tons of yarn, they also had good selections of books, cottons, and all sorts of bits and bobs. One of the best things about this shop (other than all the things listed so far) was that the two ladies that worked there (I don't know if they were the owners) were absolutely lovely. They spotted my crochet coat straight away and were really friendly with everyone that came in. I can't recommend this shop highly enough, seriously, amazing! So, after restraining myself from spending all the money in my wallet, as we leave I notice another shop opposite that I didn't find in my research.....

....a random tiny little fabric shop called 'Country Threads'. The ribbon displayed in the window suckered me in...

....I mean look at that!! we ventured inside, lots of very nice fabrics as well as ribbons. I bought myself a little fat quarter of some lovely triangle patterned fabric, but honestly, its quite a cramped shop, and the lady didn't come across as particularly friendly (I know she was busy, but in a shop so small it kind of made me feel like I was just in the way). But that aside, a nice little find. On to the next place....

...oh yes, its only 'The Makery Emporium'. Now I didn't entirely know what to expect, I'd read a lot about this shop (and the people behind it), and was really looking forward to going here. First impressions: smaller than I imagined, second impression: oh my god they have tons of really nice stuff in here!!!

Even though its small, there are tables and shelves choc full of crafty little bits. Aesthetically it's beautiful, and I personally found it was the sort of shop where you spot little bits that you've been longing for, like little 'made with love' tags, and fantastic patterned 'washi' tape (japanese masking tape). And of course there was a good selection of funky fabrics (pictured below, I bought some with pigs on!!)

So overall, an amazing little place, again highly recommended. So that was nearly all the shops on my list, just one more bead shop that wasn't really my style of stuff, and one more place that I knew nothing about, but worth a look maybe......

....oh yes definitely worth the look. All I knew was that there was apparently a haberdashers in the Guildhall Market. So we get there, its a stall called 'Sew and Sew', and it goes on and on and on. Maybe not the greatest selection of yarns (but I'd got my fill at the 'wool' shop), but absolutely everything you'd need for any craft project, and it seems Bath is the place to get your ribbon, they had tons of the stuff.

I got some awesome leopard skin ribbon as well as some nice christmas style ones (planning ahead). I even got some bright neon yellow cotton that was next to the till, I couldn't resist. Very well priced and a massive selection, its worth hunting this one out.

So overall a great day, I'm stocked up and ready for the inevitable christmas craftathon. Only downside of the day, Bath is a little bit insane with the amount of tourists on a Saturday, and be careful you don't eat too much pasty, but some brilliant craft shops!


  1. I visited Bath a couple of years ago, got lost in Austen and never gave a thought to looking for a wool shop. Now I must go back!

  2. Oooh I've been meaning to take a trip to Bath for ages, you've inspired me to get over there quick sharp!