10 September 2012

so you think you like pom-poms?

It's been a while since my last post, so I think you all deserve something just a little bit special. Some followers will remember me mentioning working on big projects, this was one of them. So you know how all us yarn nuts have loads of left over bits (I had a hell of a lot), and you save them up thinking, 'one day I'll do something with that'. Well some people might use it for making little flowers, coasters, you know, stuff like that........some of us get a little bit more carried away.......may I introduce to you...one of my many alter-ego's.......monsieur pom-pom!!

Yep that's right, I created a costume made entirely of pom-poms (and a few little bits of crochet thrown in too). It was time for me and my friends to attend the annual Shambala music festival, and those who have seen my very first post will remember my crochet costume from last year. It's probably self evident that a lot of work went into this costume too. I spent about a fortnight just making pom-poms alone, not to mention the amount of time it took to sew it all together. Someone smart would have counted how many pom-poms were made as they were going along......I'm not that smart, but I would guess there had to be at least 200 pom-poms!

This photo probably sums up the entire fancy dress day. I couldn't walk 5 metres without someone wanting to have a feel, take a photo or just wanting a hug (many a hug was had). It was an amazing day (it was an amazing festival full stop!). I had so much fun that day and it was nice that the costume was appreciated by so many people. 

Fortunately the British weather wasn't too bad to us that day (lucky really cos I don't think the costume would have done great if it had poured it down with rain!). It was so brilliant being out in the sun, all glittered up and covered in wool of every colour!!

Oh and of course there has to be an obligatory drinking picture. As you may well guess, much alcohol was consumed.....but the less said about that the better!!!

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  1. FANTASTIC, I think my son might like one just like it for 'T' in the Park this year. He could wear it along with the oversize rasta beanie I am creating for him :_) Nice to see another guy partaking in yarn engineering.