01 August 2012

little things

So rather than completing or even starting some of my ideas for big crochet projects, I've been busying myself making quick little gifts for people. Here's just a few of them:

Here's one that goes back to our visit to France. Whilst out there my mum was talking about how she'd bought her friend some fluffy dice for his new car, and then she realised she'd like some for herself and that I'd be able to knock some up crochet-style in no time. So I got started with some red wool bought from the local haberdashery. They were super easy to make, only thing that took time was the damn sewing. I even put some dried lavender inside them along with the stuffing. Needless to say, my mum was pretty happy with them.

Next is a gift made for a friend at work. He and his wife have just had a baby girl. While he was away on paternity leave, I thought it would be a nice idea to make him this little rabbit for the baby. I had some super-soft baby wool left over (and luckily had just about enough...but only just!) and I managed to get it done quickly (completed in an evening). I left it waiting patiently on his desk until his return. They were so happy with it they even named it after me! It's pretty cute, and made from a book that's simply called 'Amigurumi'...but, and it's a big but, it's the worst pattern book I've ever come across!!! Great for inspiration and gorgeous pictures, but before I even started I could see that the maths were completely wrong. I'm just glad I got it cheap in a sale!

Once one of my colleagues at work had seen the rabbit, it got her thinking. I was asked if I could make a bear for what will be her first granddaughter. She said she'd like it to be about 12 inches tall, baby pink and wearing a dress! I thought this was quite an interesting challenge, and decided to give it a whirl. It was quite fun to do as I didn't use patterns and tried my best to get it right on the first attempt. I wasn't sure about the dress at first, but once everything was complete I was really happy with the result. Again, when I gave her the bear she said it was perfect, and proceeded to show it off to everyone in the office.

I have been doing other crochet projects too, honest, more to come....I've just gotta stop getting distracted!

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