09 July 2012

free crochet pig pattern

I've been meaning to post this for quite some time now, but its finally here, my second public pattern. I'd like to introduce you to my little friend, his name is Brunswick

One day me and my wife were talking about how much she loves pigs (as you do), and I thought, 'I bet I could make a pig in no time!'. Now I know there are probably tons of patterns for pigs out there, but this is so ridiculously simple I didn't even feel the need to look for other patterns, I'd made it up in my head before I even put hook to wool. So once I'd made good ol' Brunswick the pig, my wife said I should write up and post the pattern, so here it is! I hope you enjoy, as with my last pattern, if you discover any glaringly obvious errors let me know, but it has been tested and should work fine.

Abbreviations | FLO = front loop only | BLO = back loop only | ch = chain | ss = slip stitch | dc = double crochet | 
st/sts = stitch/stitches | dc2tog = dc two stitches together/decrease |

Using light pink DK(double knitting) weight wool and a 2.5mm hook (but a 3mm or 3.5mm will do the job too)

Round 1: ch2, 6dc in 1st ch made (join with ss) {or alternatively magic circle/ring of 6dc}
Round 2: ch1, 2dc in each st around (12dc) (join with ss)
Round 3: ch1, {FLO} 1dc in each st around (12dc) (join with ss)
Round 4: ch1, 1dc in each st around (12dc) (join with ss)
Round 5: ch1, {BLO}*1dc in nxt st, 2dc in nxt st* repeat 6 times (18dc) (DON'T JOIN WITH SS, just keep working around in a spiral from this point, and be careful that your next dc goes into the first dc of this round and not the ch you made at the start )
Round 6: {BLO}*1dc in nxt 2 sts, 2dc in nxt st* repeat 6 times (24dc) 
Round 7: *1dc in nxt 3 sts, 2dc in nxt st* repeat 6 times (30dc) 
Round 8: *1dc in nxt 4 sts, 2dc in nxt st* repeat 6 times (36dc) 
Round 9-10: 1dc in each st around (36dc) 
insert safety eyes (if you don't have any, you can always sew on some small buttons at the end)
Round 11-23: 1dc in each st around (36dc)
(the amount of the previous rounds is what I worked it out to be with a 2.5mm hook, but I crochet quite tightly, basically just keep doing 1 dc into each st around until the length of your pig looks about the right proportions, if you think it needs more or less rounds then go for it)
Round 24: *1dc in nxt 4 sts, dc2tog in nxt st* repeat 6 times (30dc) 
Round 25: *1dc in nxt 3 sts, dc2tog in nxt st* repeat 6 times (24dc) 
Round 26: *1dc in nxt 2 sts, dc2tog in nxt st* repeat 6 times (18dc)
Round 27: *1dc in nxt st, dc2tog in nxt st* repeat 6 times (12dc)  
stuff pig relatively firmly, insert a little bit first to make sure some stuffing goes in the pigs snout, then fill the rest of the body
Round 28: *dc2tog* repeat 6 times (6dc) 
fasten off and leave a long tail, weave in and out of each stitch and pull tightly, this should close up the hole. Weave in end

Feet (make 4)

Round 1: ch2, 6dc in 1st ch made (join with ss)
Round 2: ch1, 2dc in each st around (12dc) (join with ss)
Round 3: ch1, {FLO} 1dc in each st around (12dc) (DON'T JOIN WITH SS)
Round 4-6: 1dc in each st around (12dc)
finish with a ss in the next st, fasten off and leave a long tail

Ears (make 2)
Round 1: ch2, 6dc in 1st ch made (join with ss)
Round 2: ss in nxt 2 sts, 3dc in nxt st, ss in nxt 2 sts, leave last st unworked.
fasten off and leave a long tail

ch17, 1dc in 2nd ch from hook, *dc2tog* repeat 7 times, dc in last ch. (it should become a spiral as you do the dc2togs)
fasten off and leave a long tail

Stuff and position the feet on the underside of the body (opposite the side where you positioned your eyes), I'd suggest pinning the feet into position first, and then sew them on with the tails you left.
Sew the tail onto the back of the pig (position it slightly up from the middle, like in the picture below), and sew the two ears on the top of the pigs head. Weave in any remaining loose ends.
Using some embroidery thread or thin wool in a darker shade of pink, sew on two little nostrils onto the pigs snout (although this isn't really 100% necessary, its still pretty cute without, but your pig won't be any good at finding truffles)

Once you've made one, I dare you to try and stop! Those pigs just keep on coming. You could even try using wool that changes in shades of pink like the little pig here (his name is Rasher...cos he looks like bacon!!). With a little bit of clever thinking you can simplify the pattern, and using thinner wool and a smaller hook make a tiny little pig like rasher.....or, if you want to get really silly.....

....you can make a massive pig, just like 'big daddy' here. Again its really simple, I used 2 strands of neon pink yarn together and upped my hook size. he's the perfect size for a bit of bedtime cuddling!!

The legal bit: I am happy for you to print this pattern for yourself, and I do not mind if you want to use it at crochet classes or groups. I retain copyright, I only ask that you do not sell works made from this pattern, and do not publish or replicate on any other websites or publications without prior permission


  1. I love Brunswick he's so cute! :)

  2. My husband just said you could make a piggy bank out of it easily. I suggested using a soda bottle cut to size.

  3. Thank for sharing the pattern. Real cool! I already made two. One of them you can see on my blog: http://liszha.blogspot.nl/2013/02/pig-farm.html
    Ofcourse I linked to your blog.

  4. As an older woman, I am always so encouraged when I find men crocheting. I haven't given up on my son crocheting. He learned the chain but then gave up. Some day. I love making all the amigurumi animals, etc. and your pig is great. Thank you and I look forward to following your blog.

  5. soo cute. I'll bet I won't be able to stop making these cuties.

  6. What does double crochet two stitches together/decrease mean?

  7. Hi, I could be mistaken, but I just started trying to make your piggy for my daughter, and I think they should all be single crochet stitches instead of double? I'm only on round 7 but the snout is looking too long, so I'm going to go back and do it over in sc instead of dc. Thanks so much for the pattern! I'm excited to see how it turns out!

    1. This may be useful reference for you:

      US and UK crochet terms are the same with different meanings. Quite often you can figure it out by looking at the turning chains, but I often get thrown off by the middle of the pattern and have to rip out a bunch of my project.

    2. Cherry, I literally just did the same thing, and then read your comment ha.

  8. This is my first visit to your blog and it's great! I love this crochet pig too! Thank you. :). :)
    Lee Ann


  10. http://www.simplycrochetmag.co.uk/2013/07/04/uk-and-us-crochet-conversion-chart/

  11. My grand daughter loves pigs and wanted me to crochet one. I gave her numerous options but yours was the only one for her. It was easy and so lovable. I have just finished it and it is next to her bed for when she wakes in the morning. She will be so excited.

  12. Was this pattern written in US terms or UK terms? I want to make one but have started one in all single crochet and it doesn't seem to be coming out right. Please help!!