04 June 2012

a super-quick jumper

So the weathers been getting nice, the sun has been shining, everyone's out in their shorts and flip-flops....so what a perfect time to make a jumper!!!!

This came as a result of me sorting out my massive yarn stash. I had a load of dark grey wool left over from when I made my coat. I figured I'd do a little test and start something new to use it up, as I'm working on a couple of other projects at the moment and wanted a change. I used the pattern for the mens V-neck sweater from 'The Happy Hooker' book by Debbie Stoller, but making a few changes as I can't help but give myself a bit of a challenge. I changed the stitch from a half treble's to trebles instead (so its a bit more light and loose for use in the summer evenings), gave it 3/4 length sleeves and gave it a light grey stripe and edgings, including some scallop edging around the bottom. Like I say it was a bit of a test, most importantly seeing how quick I could get it done - the result, well essentially done in the evenings for a week and a fair bit on one weekend. So yeah...bring on the summer!!!!


  1. looks cool!
    half treble is one of my fave stitches ~ it's the chevrons:
    clever you getting it to fit perfectly:
    I want to make the skirt in that book .....

  2. awesome! thinking of tackling my first crochet jumper myself :) I love the jolly roger one from Happy Hooker!

  3. Looks great Matt, nice fit.Is this not the wrong way round! am I not the one who is supposed to knit and crochet for her children! lol