29 April 2012

yarn travels: wonderwool

I'd been looking forward to this weekend for quite some time now, it was time for - Wonderwool!

That's right, it's a wool and fibre festival held at the royal welsh showground in Builth Wells. I've never been before but everyone I know who's into anything yarn related told me I would absolutely love it. And when we got there, well I knew it was a big affair, but man the place was massive and chock full of stalls (and people).

At first it was a bit of sensory overload. I didn't know where to start and was just blown away by the huge range of stalls and yarn. I tried to start off slowly and not go too mad. I'm a sucker for bright colourful yarn so this stall by a company called 'easyknits', specialising in hand dyed yarns caught my eye straight away. It had such a massive range I spent ages trying to decide which colour combination I wanted. We spent the whole day at Wonderwool, and by the end I was totally worn out and had a massive bag full of wool (and a much lighter wallet!). Here's a pic of some of my haul from when I got home.

The really multicolored stuff is made from ribbons of sari material. I'd seen some of this stuff in the past so was keeping an eye out for it and I was really glad I managed to find some. As well as all the super-colourful stuff, I managed to find some nice pure traditional style wool. The brown and white yarn you can see is a mix of two types of wool from English sheep. Also I got some amazingly soft angora wool from a stall that completely specialised in angora made from rabbits fur (its not pictured as it's still wrapped up, its so soft I'm keeping that sealed until I make something really special with it). As well as these, I also got....

....this massive ball of wool!!!! I got this from a stall run by a lovely (and funky) lady called 'Ingrid Wagner'. Her stall specialised in big knitting and crochet (or if you will 'extreme knitting and crochet'). This is a kilo ball of felted yarn, and I can't wait to crack out my big hook and get started on something with it. 
As well as all this wool, I also got a felting kit, it seems to be all the rage at the moment so I thought I'd give it a try. As soon as I got back and had sat down for a bit, I just couldn't resist starting something, and here's what I made - 

You might have to use a bit of imagination, but I think for my first attempt this little kitty and his ball aren't too shabby. 

So overall I enjoyed my first wool festival experience and I would highly recommend it to other yarn addicts. Other than being elbowed in the ribs and pushed out of the way repeatedly by rude old ladies that don't have any manners, I had an amazing time!!!

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  1. Hi Matt, lucky you going to the yarn fest.
    Could you send me the e-mail address for the sari yarn. I used some, mixed with wool in a felted abstract hanging.
    love Val x