14 April 2012

baby got style!

You may have noticed I like making stuff for other people, here's yet another example. I have a new baby nephew called Fraser who is three months old, and my wife went to see him last weekend (whilst I was out giving my mate that Chaplin doll, seeing a band and getting drunk). Seeing as I wasn't able to go see him, I figured I should at least make him something. Anyway, the brilliant 'Crochet Today' magazine recently brought out a 'baby and toddlers' special. When I saw it had a pattern for little converse-style baby booties, I bought it straight away. I got hold of some nice soft baby-suitable wool, and made them up pretty quick, and was really happy with them. Knowing that baby Fraser's mummy loves converse, I knew they would go down a storm.

here they are without feet in them, I wonder if they'll fit....

....yep, seem to be pretty snug to those baby toes...

....and here's the little man himself, what a super-cool dude!


  1. What a lovely present!!!!, lucky little sweet pea.
    Lots of love from Spain

  2. These are fabulous! Please consider sending your snapshots and a letter to the magazine (letters@crochettoday.com). (Someone sent us a link to your adorable hedgehogs, and there just below you'd knitted a pattern from CT!) Cheers, Rose (from Crochet Today)

    1. wow, thankyou for commenting. I've always been tempted to send in a letter, I guess I definitely should now. I absolutely love crochet today and always find it has something I want to make. thanks again