19 March 2012

solomon's knot

I recently had to brush up on solomon's knot to show some people at my crochet class (I will do a post about the class in the future). I've known how to do it for a while, but have always got too frustrated with it to bother carrying on and actually finishing something with the technique. But after practicing it a bit, I thought I should push past the frustration and make something proper. And you know what...in the end I was actually starting to enjoy it. I used some schoppelwolle my wife bought me for christmas (oh how I LOVE schoppelwolle, for those who don't know its a german brand that make glorious lace and wool balls in beautiful colours). So here's what I made...

I'm really happy with the way this scarf/shawl turned out. The thing I actually love about solomon's knot is the fact that it's such an open stitch, meaning it's perfect for spring time where it's a bit too warm for a chunky scarf, but still chilly enough to wear something like this. Also when you're using wool that changes colour like this schoppelwolle, you can really see the difference.

So the conclusion is: solomon's knot - not so bad after all. I guess you could say - tricky but pretty!


  1. Love it! got to have one for the summer, could I put an order in now please, in white would be good.

    Loving the new look ;)

  2. Muy bonito para esta primavera. Saludos. Alicia