18 February 2012

a valentines birthday bundle

This past week I've been pretty busy trying to be a good husband. Not only did I have valentines to deal with (I love it really), but it was also my wife's birthday the day after. So this gave me a great opportunity to get my craft on, as she always loves the things I make for her.

First of all, I'd seen a pattern for some nice looking crochet wrist warmers in 'Mollie Makes' magazine (issue 10). I had to figure some things out and do it a bit differently than the pattern said as I used some thicker cotton than that recommended, but I was really happy with them once they were finished. I gave them to my wife as a birthday present and she loves them. She's also holding a crocheted rose that I gave to her when I cooked her a valentines meal.

As well as making her a rose and cooking a special meal for valentines day, I also made her some crochet bunting for our bedroom - I know, I'm incredibly soppy. I stitched on the lettering with some felt. I had also made two of the hearts on the wall a little while ago, and the wicker one in the middle was a gift from my mother

So, now that the mushy valentine's stuff's covered, here's some more of the presents I made. I had found some really nice wool, I can't remember what it was called, but it was the sort that's already a kind of lace mesh that you then knit/crochet with. After a fair bit of trying to crochet with it in different ways, I managed to make a simple decorative scarf out of it. I basically just crocheted multiple strands together, but it made quite a nice effect. Once again, she was very happy with it

I also got my sewing machine out (I don't just do crochet) and made her this little bow hair clip. I was surprised by how simple and quick this was to make. My wife hates having her picture taken so this was the best photo i could get of it.

I did buy my lady a few little presents too, but she was really impressed with all the things I made for her. Ohhhh, and there was one more thing, what's a birthday without......a crochet birthday walrus!!!! I made this at the last minute using a pattern from 'Vanna's Choice Easy Crochet Critters', a great little pattern booklet with 10 funky animals. I did make his tusks a bit too big, but you know what they say about a walrus that has massive tusks...

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